Cavit Mukaddes

Cavit, was born in North West part of Iran in 1963. After finishing high school, he moved to Turkey to pursue higher education, and follow his childhood dreams. He studied Metallurgical and Material engineering in Istanbul Technical University where he received Master’s Degree.

Cavit is a self-taught artist in painting and literature.He picked up the brush for the first time when 6 years old, and has been painting, and been heavily involved in literature since,as his lifelong passion and interest.

Although recommended by friends and family, he did not attend any formal training, believing that would limit his creativity to certain schools of painting. Therefore, after graduating from Engineering school, he has started his artistic activities in his own studio in Istanbul.

His first solo exhibition was held in 1989 in Istanbul, and followingly, he organized sixteen solo exhibitions in Turkey, and other parts of the Europe.He also contributed to many group exhibitions and biennials.

His paintings are in many private collections, and well-known museums, and institutions such as Russian Parliament, Istanbul Naval  Museum, Macedonia Skopje Museum and UNICEF headquarter.

Beside painting, he is author/co-authorof many books and articles in fine art with main emphasis on conceptual art, cubism, and minimalism. He was the chief editor of CeyArt Journal for 4 years  which was widely used a reference source for fine art studentsand academicians. His theatrical worksin fine art has inspired many artists in region. His books and articles are published in Persian and Turkish. His book on Life and Art of Van Gogh was published in Iran, and his book entitled Kandinsky in Exile “ is under publication in Tukey. Amoung other publication, he has also co-authored a book on surrealism  which focuses on Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali,Giorgio de Chirico. He  is the editor of  “Critics of Istanbul Biennale“ book which  criticizes the work at 10th biennale of Istanbul.

In addition to his works in fine art,he has a vast interest in literature.  His interest on poetry comprises wide spectrum of poetry schools. For instance, he interpreted and translated ancient Persian poem to Turkish, and also he translated Allen Ginsberg  Haiku poems,  Jack Kerouac and Harold Norse selected poems to Turkish language. He was editor of chief of  poetry  journal “Riccio Poem” for several years. Also he was a member of executive committee  of PEN international –Turkey during 2011-2012.

He is also interested in philosophy and his recent book “Logos “ is under publication in Turkey.

At this time, he continues his artistic activities in his own studio in Istanbul.